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by E L L I E

Today it’s May 1st! It’s International Labour Day but also the greatest Spring Fest and flower fest. The colourful and full of diversity nature is celebrating today. Also though it is the WeCYou Club’s one year anniversary, a “club” that contributes to the Spiritual Sping of its members.

Constantin Papakonstantinou is the person behind WeCYou Club. He is based in Paris and I had the chance or I would rather say “it was meant” for me to meet him last Autumn in Athens during his short trip to Greece. I still remember the moment that i was enjoying my break at work when i saw on Constantin’s instastory that he was orginizing a meet up somewhere in central Athens that same evening. Because I knew that his action was LGBTQ + friendly, I can’t hide that at first I hesitated, I thought that maybe I wouldn’t”fit” in the company, but in the end I sent him a message. I wanted to meet him so much, because he was and continues to be a person who inspires me. A person with positive vibes whose club is open to all.

Once a week he organizes a meeting with acquaintances and strangers in Paris, usually members of the LGBTQ + community. It is not a closed group. It is a meeting open to everyone who may need to be there, who may need encouragement with “fitting in” or even help with “simple” things such as discovering the city or making new friends . He listens carefully to everyone and to what they have to say and contributes as much as he can to his fellow human beings to fight their phobias and to gain even more courage and lust for life. This is so important, especially for those who feel they live on the sidelines, or for those who do not have enough support from their family or society in general. Truth be told, unfortunately, the members of the LGBTQ + community, especially the young ones need so much support, because social taboos and family crisis still do exist !

For those of us who do not live in the city of Lights, Constantin makes sure that we are “enlighted” by e-mail by sending us the the chapters of his virtual “book”. A book, or maybe I should say a guide, a project , that makes everyone who reads it calm down, banish stress, reorganise their thoughts and wake up in the morning full of energy to enjoy their day. A true inspiration . You can subscribe here for free to read the full chapters.

So, instead of a greeting card, I dedicate these photos to WeCyou Club for the one year of its existence and offering. A photo taken during quarantine time in the garden of my house. One photo, Six versions. Images all the same but also different. Six, as many as the symbols of the LGBTQ + community as well as the colours in the sign of the WeCyou Club . One complements the other but they can also stand on their own too.

But isn’t this picture more beautiful and brighter when all the colours are gathered in one photo and harmoniously coexist with each other ?

LGBTQ + Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc all different , but all under the same colourful umbrella. You may or you may not belong to this community. I definitely declare myself as an Ally. Diversity in people is something unique and admirable to me. I am in favour of everyone expressing it. We should all feel free to evolve into who we really are. To be true to ourselves and to not suppress our desires, our creativity and our personalities. And let’s not let anyone oppress us.

I would urge everyone to follow WeCYouClub https://www.instagram.com/wecyouclub/ and also to remember and never be afraid to support what may seem different to you. It’s only when we support each other that we can actually evolve in life.

Last but not least, I urge you to look out of your window for a moment and tell me how beautiful is this day that flowers of all colours are blooming? Shouldn’t life be the same? Shouldn’t everyone be blooming every day ?

WeCyou Club , Constantin Thank YOU!

Here are some of the videos that WeCYou club members created. Find out more on @iamcontantin IGTV series

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